About the Ballet Physio classes

In all the classes that the Ballet Physio (that’s me!), in all the classes that I run, that I run, I try and focus on how to build your ballet facility to its maximum, to its optimum.
So how can we get the most TURNOUT out of your hips as we can; how can you control your CORE as strongly as you can; how can you optimise your BALANCE so that you can make your EXTENSIONS even higher.

It’s all about how to get all the basic underlying structures of your body in as strong condition as they can be so that when you are learning your technique in your ballet classes, then you are really ready to fly!

Explore our Ballet Facility Enhancement Classes

For vocational students and adults, Luke provides science-based online ballet facility-building programmes. Complete your exercises from the convenience of your own home thanks to The Ballet Physio live virtual video classes.