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Unlock your best ballet form with Luke’s safe, science-based online & in studio ballet facility & rehabilitation programmes.

Personalised Programmes

1-to-1 sessions with Luke

Do you need to work on a particular area of dance that is holding you back? Do you need guidance with a supervised whole-body strengthening programme to improve core strength, posture and turnout? Maybe your teacher has advised you to get a particular body part ‘checked out’. The Ballet Physio has you covered.

Work 1-to-1 with Luke (either in-person or online) to maximise your potential and fast-track your technique progression.
If you want to work on a progressive exercise programme, supervised by the Ballet Physio over an assessment and four follow up sessions, and also learn how to apply your new found strength and control to your ballet, then take a look at our Personalised Programmes. We recommend this approach so we can build your strength as quickly and safely as possible, and to be your cheer squad along the way while you prepare for your next session.
If you think arranging one session at a time would suit you better, we’ve got you covered there too with our Pay-As-You-Go Sessions.
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Personalised Conditioning

If you need a general, whole body strength and flexibility upgrade, then the Personalised Conditioning Programme is for you.

We start with a 1-hour comprehensive assessment to find the most important areas to improve (is the limiting factor strength, flexibility, or control?) and set the exercises to address these.

Then, at times and intervals that suit you, we run through a series of four half-hour follow-up sessions to make sure the exercises are working effectively and to progress them as quickly as possible.

Past participants regularly comment how their teachers notice higher arabesque lines, improved posture, and better-held turnout.

Facility Optimisation

What if you have one particular area of concern you need to get up to speed? No problem – our Facility Optimisation Programme is for you.

Dancers who struggle with extensions, or whose turns are letting them down, or whose jumps are their main detractor, will benefit from the extra time this programme offers.

We start with a 1-hour comprehensive assessment to diagnose the cause of the struggle and set some exercises to help. We then also work at applying the activation of these exercises into your challenging steps. ‘How do I use my turnout muscles while I’m doing developpe?’ ‘How do I coordinate my strong legs to jump higher?’ – we help you discover the answers.

We then follow up with four hour-long sessions a few weeks apart to progress the exercises and develop your understanding of how to use your new-found strength and control.

What if I want to continue after the programme?

We often find that five sessions is enough to make significant progress, although some dancers aren’t satisfied with stopping there! If you want to continue progressing these areas with Luke, you can extend both programmes with a Programme Extension Package of an additional 5 sessions.

Programme Extension Packages

Both the Personalised Conditioning, and Facility Optimisation programmes can be extended beyond your initial sessions. Each Programme Extension Package includes an additional 5 sessions.

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pay-as-you-go Sessions

If you do not want to book a complete programme package, you can book your follow-up appointments as individual 30-minute or 1-hour sessions, following your initial consultation.

Book for In-Person Sessions

It is sometimes useful to arrange an occasional Studio Session where we have the space to analyse some of the higher-level skills such as pirouettes or allegro – again with a view of applying the skills acquired in an exercise programme and to assess any points requireing ‘fine-tuning’. Alternatively, some Clinic Consultations are commonly useful for upgrading exercises and if any hands-on treatment is needed

Book for Online Sessions

Online sessions can be a convenient way to progress an exercise programme and assess your biomechanics, all from the comfort of your current location