Unlocking your best ballet form relies on comparing the body’s strengths and natural limitations with the requirements of classical ballet. Together we can create a structured optimisation exercise programme to reach your full potential.


The Ballet Physio



Meet Luke Abnett

The Ballet Physio

Luke, The Ballet Physio, worked at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden, London for six years. It was during this time that Luke developed his passion for helping ballet dancers achieve their true physical potential.

London City Ballet company Physiotherapist

We are proud to announce that Luke is appointed the company physiotherapist for London City Ballet. Initially performing from 1978-1996 under the patronage of Diana, Princess of Wales, the company was re-formed in 2024.

This dynamic new company will perform in London and will tour internationally in the summer. 

Luke will work with the team to help keep dancers rehearsing and performing safely, and will manage and rehabilitate dancer injuries. 

Luke will continue to be just as available to dancers at Danceworks and online for private appointments and classes.

For more information on the company, visit the company website below. 

COLLABORATION with Dance Masterclass


I’m so excited to be launching my second Dance Masterclass. This one called Beginner’s Guide To Effective Training dives deep into the fact that how you divide up your training over a week or over a year can make a big difference to how far you’ll go, how strong you will grow, and how likely you are to become injured.


An educational and entertaining resource for teachers looking for guidance of how to plan out their students’ training over a week or over a year, or for dancers looking to pace themselves to achieve their best.


This programme is designed not only for beginners but also for individuals who are new to incorporating sports science into their training regimen, aiming to maximize their rate of progress.


I’ve teamed up with Dance Masterclass to help you understand how the body’s structure affects dance. How does the core work to support you, and what can you do to improve it? How does turnout work? What’s important to know about getting the most out of your feet? 

In my Dance Masterclass you discover all this and more. With great dancer demonstrations and amazing graphics to illustrate, you’ll learn all about Anatomy for Dancers. 

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I find that you have a way of delivering content in a way that makes a lightbulb switch on for them!  The results of today were truly astonishing.  Seeing the difference in her posture and pelvic alignment through properly understanding how to control and engage her centre was so rewarding! The strength and flexibility exercises were also so powerful!  
She’s been at 90 degrees for ages but really could not get it much higher without really feeling like she was forcing it in her back or worse compromising her supporting leg by bending it to get it higher but after your session her leg pinged up with no stress on the body at all.  Well over 90 degrees!
Thank you again for all your hard work and enthusiasm. 

Ballet Teacher

Many many thanks for everything you have done for Sacha – your wise words were so reassuring! And your expertise so essential to his recovery. 


Ballet parent

“Wow, that was amazing!’ She’s never really had a session quite like that before!”

Alison, Eilidh's Mum

“Izabel feels her strength is increasing each week; we can really see the difference your exercises make!”

Ballet Parent

“This guy is a ballet magician, not just a physiotherapist! True results. Highly recommend!”

Sacha (Ballet Student's Parent)

“Luke’s classes are remarkable, my daughter has improved enormously and had a lot of fun along the way!”

Ballet Parent

“You have literally given me so much more strength and knowledge and have become my new normal.”

Daisy (Ballet Student)

“Luke’s classes are highly beneficial for any young dancer. He creates a hard-working environment, but one in which a lot of fun is had too! Both of my children love his classes/workshops and I have seen such improvements in terms of their general strength and technique. Needless to say, they remain injury-free due to Luke’s magic!”

Ballet Parent

“On behalf of my son, I just wanted to pass onto you how much he valued the sessions he had with Luke this summer. He said they were amazing and very challenging! He has taken away so much knowledge from Luke which he believes he will be able to channel into his dance this term.”

Sarah (Ballet Mum)

“I don’t know how Noa would be doing without your expertise! Even being 1500km away, you manage to point and solve a problem and make that it won’t happen again or become something chronic. The best physio for ballet dancers ever!”

Laetitia (Noa's Mum)

The Ballet Physio
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7ala _nagadi7ala _nagadi
22:05 26 Jun 24
Rosalind ReiRosalind Rei
21:24 17 Jun 24
Luke quickly isolated the muscles and technical errors that were causing my pain. The targeted exercises he gave me were so effective that the injury had healed just a week after our initial consultation.The exercises also improved my technique by strengthening the dormant muscles needed to execute steps correctly.Luke's knowledge of ballet anatomy is impressive and his warmth and patience also makes him very easy to work with.
Sarah WaltonSarah Walton
16:49 26 May 24
Extremely helpful and insightful
Amar PatelAmar Patel
15:12 11 May 24
Highly recommend Luke! He's great to work with and I always look forward to the next session and ways to improve in ballet.
Alice CunninghamAlice Cunningham
16:13 09 May 24
Excellent care and diagnosis from Luke. Highly recommended 👍🏻
Becky DownBecky Down
13:07 25 Apr 24
I went to see Luke with a back injury which he has helped me to recover from and in addition given me exercises which have really made a difference to my dancing and my understanding of my own body. He is a great resource for dancers as he understands the art form and the toll it can take! He is also sympathetic and fun to chat to. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Alison OliverAlison Oliver
18:25 21 Apr 24
Marieta YordanovaMarieta Yordanova
08:42 11 Apr 24
Luke has been a fantastic support to my child since she was 8 years old. Her understanding of how her body works has improved massively over the last few years, working with Luke both 1-2-1 and in his classes. The best part is they always do the hard work with a smile and have so much fun during classes. She's always looking forward to the next appointment/class.
Alison Dos SantosAlison Dos Santos
14:49 08 Jan 24
Luke is an outstanding and very experienced physiotherapist. He is unusual in that he has worked with Dancers and fully understands the training and performance processes in this field. He is also highly competent with IT making online appointment bookings easy. He keeps strictly to time allowing for planning around visits. He has a lovely studio manner making the patient the centre of his attention. He creatively tailor makes exercises to suit the individual’s needs. Gentle in approach and, like the professional he is, ‘hurts it better’.
My Son had been having one to one sessions with Luke for many years plus enjoys the online classes. Regular one to one sessions just resets his exercise regime, target areas, checks for any potential problem, gets him back on track to minimise injuries. Luke is also a massive confidence booster and helps mentally deal with the ups and downs of dance training, someone outside of school to confide in. Luke is a huge support for my son and it will continue into his professional career.
Michelle BloomMichelle Bloom
11:06 30 Aug 23
Luke has provided my daughter with the most incredible tailored advice to help her overcome flexibility issues and more recently advice on additional challenges around body positioning, balance and stage performance. We would not hesitate in recommending Luke, he has literally changed my daughters life to enable her to continue the dancing that she loves. As an added bonus, each and every session with Luke is thoroughly enjoyable as he is extremely personable and always so polite and kind. Thank you Luke!