Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries are frustrating for any dancer. Rehabilitation sessions with the Ballet Physio are designed to keep you in class as much as possible (but only in a way that is safe!) and to return you to full class as quickly as possible.

Book you 1-hour Initial Consultation for any new issue you’re having. Luke, the Ballet Physio, will diagnose your injury, devise a plan for recovery including class modifications, and start treatment. Choose from either in-person or online options.

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Dancers start with a 1-hour assessment to diagnose the injury, devise a plan including class modifications, and to start on treatment. Treatment sessions are often regular in the early stages to ensure the fastest return to full class possible. Frequently, half-hour consultations are sufficient for injury treatment alone. Guidance will be given regarding class progression. The Ballet Physio is happy to work with ballet teachers and other health care practitioners to enhance rehabilitation and keep everyone updated – as required.

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