Luke Abnett is The Ballet Physio

Luke, The Ballet Physio, worked at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden, London for six years. It was during this time that Luke developed his passion for helping ballet dancers achieve their true physical potential.

In addition to managing student injuries, Luke also drove the development of elite-level healthcare at the Royal Ballet School through:

which linked both upper and lower school sites with the Royal Ballet company.

including sports medicine physicians, GP, dietician, podiatrist and massage therapy.

incorporating fitness training and pilates.

Now working exclusively in private practice, Luke truly enjoys the challenge of bringing world-class healthcare to young dancers outside of major institutions. As well as treating injuries, he also enjoys identifying issues that are limiting a dancer’s potential. In fact, Luke often receives reports from teachers praising how quickly their dancers turnout, posture, extensions and allegro have improved after attending a Ballet Physio programme.

Areas of expertise

Ballet injuries. Ballet facility enhancement and accelerating physical progress. Hyper-mobility. Scoliosis. Bone stress rehabilitation. Joint impingements.

I find that you have a way of delivering content in a way that makes a lightbulb switch on for them!  The results of today were truly astonishing.  Seeing the difference in her posture and pelvic alignment through properly understanding how to control and engage her centre was so rewarding! The strength and flexibility exercises were also so powerful!  
She’s been at 90 degrees for ages but really could not get it much higher without really feeling like she was forcing it in her back or worse compromising her supporting leg by bending it to get it higher but after your session her leg pinged up with no stress on the body at all.  Well over 90 degrees!
Thank you again for all your hard work and enthusiasm. 

Ballet Teacher

Many many thanks for everything you have done for Sacha – your wise words were so reassuring! And your expertise so essential to his recovery. 


Ballet parent

“Wow, that was amazing!’ She’s never really had a session quite like that before!”

Alison, Eilidh's Mum

“Izabel feels her strength is increasing each week; we can really see the difference your exercises make!”

Ballet Parent

“This guy is a ballet magician, not just a physiotherapist! True results. Highly recommend!”

Sacha (Ballet Student's Parent)

“Luke’s classes are remarkable, my daughter has improved enormously and had a lot of fun along the way!”

Ballet Parent

“You have literally given me so much more strength and knowledge and have become my new normal.”

Daisy (Ballet Student)

“Luke’s classes are highly beneficial for any young dancer. He creates a hard-working environment, but one in which a lot of fun is had too! Both of my children love his classes/workshops and I have seen such improvements in terms of their general strength and technique. Needless to say, they remain injury-free due to Luke’s magic!”

Ballet Parent

“On behalf of my son, I just wanted to pass onto you how much he valued the sessions he had with Luke this summer. He said they were amazing and very challenging! He has taken away so much knowledge from Luke which he believes he will be able to channel into his dance this term.”

Sarah (Ballet Mum)

“I don’t know how Noa would be doing without your expertise! Even being 1500km away, you manage to point and solve a problem and make that it won’t happen again or become something chronic. The best physio for ballet dancers ever!”

Laetitia (Noa's Mum)

Luke is a sought-after presenter on ballet healthcare. He lists the following contributions to the discussion among healthcare practitioners and dancers alike:

English Institute of Sport, conference presenter

British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine, conference presenter

Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine, conference presenter

British Journal of Sports Medicine, blogger

University College London, visiting lecturer

University of East London, visiting lecturer

Sander Blommaert Podcast (former Royal Ballet First Artist and Elmhurst ballet teacher), podcaster

Help4Dancers app, contributor

SciDance Podcast, podcaster

Online Ballet Academy Podcast, podcaster

Dancing Times, contributor

Luke was a house parent for second and third year students whist at the Royal Ballet School. In this role he counselled students through auditions, performances, homesickness, as well as the pressures of elite ballet training.

After leaving the school, Luke co-created the Dance Medicine Clinic at Prime Health in Surrey.

Outside of his work at the Ballet Physio, Luke treats patients at Covent Garden Physio in Somerset House, London. He enjoys his close work with London Vocational Ballet School, Blommaert Ballet School, Academy of Balletic Arts, Ballet Boost, Dance Gems, South London Dance Studios, Rhodes Academy of Dance and Lawlor School of Dance.

Did you know?

Luke is originally Australian and trained at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. He worked with adolescent sports teams in rowing, tennis, running, gymnastics and volleyball.

Beyond the world of ballet, Luke is Head of Music and Performance and Resident Choreographer at the London Gay Men’s Chorus. He is also a freelance choir choreographer and a show director for youth musical theatre company Rare Productions.

Luke currently balances his work delivering private consultations plus online and in-person group classes. He also treats non-dance sports injuries as well as postural problems, and offers vocal physiotherapy for singers.

How can The Ballet Physio help you?

Luke’s science-based approach along with his encouraging and uplifting nature will provide you with a programme experience that is both effective and enjoyable. What type of service would you like to learn more about?

Meet the Ballet Physio team

We are a small team passionate about the art of dance and dedicated to helping young dancers achieve their full potential.

We aim to provide the best classes, treatment and service possible. Please get in touch with us with any questions and suggestions you may have, we are always happy to help.

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