More about the Ballet Physio classes

Hello, dancers. It’s Luke the Ballet Physio here, and I’m here to tell you about some of the classes that we run.

So our flagship class is our ballet facility conditioning class, or for the juniors, it’s junior conditioning. And in that class, we cover a little bit of everything. We cover your turnout, we have a look at core strength, foot strength, and alignment. We look at your control of your extensions, your control of your jumps, a little bit of everything.
We also run a series of specialty classes, whether that’s point or pre-point, or whether that’s your extensions or whether that’s turnout or whether that’s core, any one of the particular areas that you want to address and to work on.
In these classes, I teach you not only what the exercises are, but how to do them, and make sure that you’re doing them correctly to get the most out of the exercises to help with your technique progression.

But we also have a lot of fun, and it’s a nice way of working on things a little bit differently. It’s all ballet related, but it’s not a ballet class, but it’s like a ballet class. So I hope to see you there soon.

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For vocational students, junior dancers and adults, Luke provides science-based online ballet facility-building programmes. Complete your exercises from the convenience of your own home thanks to The Ballet Physio live virtual video classes.