Senior Beautiful Feet – Easter Holidays 2023 (1 class)


Long pointed feet can complete a beautiful leg line – and a crunched foot can ruin it. Let’s create the first version!


Online via the Ballet Physio portal


  • 11:00am – 12:00pm Wednesday 5th April


Ages 11-18

The line of the foot depends on certain muscles working strongly and other muscles keeping relaxed, as well as working the flexibility of your foot and ankle. This class looks at developing these safely and not risking joint stress by forcing the range. Learn how to safely and effectively improve the shape of your foot in this class.
All classes are recorded and you have private access to the secure replay of the class via your Ballet Physio Account.   If you are new to the Ballet Physio, please ensure you also add ‘New Class Assessment & Fundamental Conditioning – Senior‘ to your basket.