Junior Relaxation & Recovery (Christmas 2022)


Learn effective breathing techniques for dancing, post-training relaxation & recovery


Online via the Ballet Physio portal


Wednesday 21st December at 1:00-2:00pm


Ages 8-10

Christmas is a great time to pause, take stock of the year that has passed, and recharge for the next. So come and take a breath with us - and learn how to make it easier to keep breathing during your exercises too.
  • Learn optimal breathing for dancers so you don't run out of air during an exercise or a solo
  • Enjoy some physical relaxation techniques to help you recover faster and wind down after the long Autumn term
All classes are recorded and you have private access to the secure reply of the class via your Ballet Physio Account.   If you are new to the Ballet Physio, please ensure you also add 'New Class Assessment & Fundamental Conditioning - Junior' to your basket.

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