February Half Term 2024 – Junior Conditioning (1 week pass)


Best Seller! Power up every area of your ballet technique


Online via the Ballet Physio portal


Class dates:

  • Monday 12th February (9:00-10:00am)
  • Tuesday 13th February (9:00-10:00am)
  • Wednesday 14th February (9:00-10:00am)
  • Thursday 15th February (9:00-10:00am)
  • Friday 16th February (9:00-10:00am)


Junior Conditioning (8-10 yrs)
Feel stronger and more in control of your ballet technique with exercises improving the whole body. Get ready to impress your teacher with cleaner and easier turnout, extensions, jumps - everything!
  • Core strength
  • Turnout control
  • Foot strength
  • Flexibility
  • Back strength
  • Jumping elevation
  • Balance
All classes are recorded and you have private access to the secure replay of the class via your Ballet Physio Account.